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Draft Cross Horses...

Draft crosses make wonderful event horses or trail riding companions. They are big without having the heavy bone of the pure draft, making them extremely athletic for Jumping, Dressage, Fox Hunting, Driving, and so on.

We are pleased to announce that we sold a Percheron/Morgan Cross, "Napoleon" to the Charleston South Carolina Mounted Unit. The trainers told us he had the perfect, fearless temperament they want to see in a police horse. 
Some of our other crosses have gone on to be super fox hunters, fun driving horses, calm trail horses, and competing in Dressage.

On this page you will see pictures of Draft Crosses we have sold. Please email if you have any questions and to see what we might have available.

Please email us with what you are looking for and we just might have one for sale that would suit your needs. All emails are returned within 24 hours unless  we are on a mini vacation, which with all the animals is rare!!!



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