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Dog Obedience & Agility Training

~ 1992-2018 ~
I am proud to announce that 2018 represents the 26th year that I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching obedience classes!

Every year we hold our group classes. They run for 6 weeks and are normally held on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. The course covers the basics and we also run the agility obstacles to keep it fun and challenging for you and your dog. These classes are great fun for the whole family to get involved with.

To enroll in the classes, dogs need to be 4 months old and up. Just contact us to find out the actual date that they will be starting and to be put on the our class list.

~ Walnut Ridge Farm's Class Agreement ~

Private lessons:
Private lessons are arranged around your schedule. Your training goals and needs determine the number of training sessions  required.

In-Kennel Training:
We board the dog at Walnut Ridge Farm for two weeks, to cover the basic on leash commands .  This includes: heel, sit, stay, and to come when called. Of course, the owner should continue the training at home or the benefits of the training might be reduced.

Participants of the 2009 Obedience / Agility Class


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