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Horses, Dogs & Selfies

By Laura Plumley                                  I am an independent person and enjoy riding
                                                  more than anything. I love the freedom of
Laura professionally shows and trains             being on my horse and able to ride anywhere
dogs in obedience and agility, as well as         I so desire. I do a lot of riding alone, I do not
offering instruction for dog owners. She          have to have someone along to enjoy the
is an avid trail rider, ACTHA competitor          trail.
and acclaimed "selfie" photographer,
followed by many on social media. Laura           I joined ACTHA in 2010. As of February 2015 I
lives with her husband, Ritchie, on Wal           have competed in 49 ACTHA rides in various
nut Ridge Farm in West Virginia.                  states; Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina,
                                                  Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

I Ride 7 Days a Week

Laura Plumley with her Paso Fino gelding, Apache              Continued on page 20 >
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