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Horses, Dogs & Selfies

 Continued from page 17                   The horses I enjoy competing on are willing, brave, and
                                          confident. They trust me and will try to please even if they are
Laura riding her Rocky Mountain gelding,  unsure what is asked. I have owned many different breeds of
Johnny B Good                             horses over the years. For the type of riding I do now, and for
                                          obstacle training, I like Rocky Mountain Horses and Paso
ACTHA Monthly | March 2015 | 20           Finos. They are sure footed in the rough mountainous terrain
                                          where I ride, they are smooth at all gaits and are spirited
                                          without being high strung. Both breeds also have excellent
                                          endurance and seem to enjoy being worked and ridden. They
                                          are sensitive, and learn best without harsh methods;
                                          kindness and patience works best.
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