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Continued from Page 19                             Due to my business I can not camp, so I have to make
                                                   all the rides a day trip, traveling 200 miles one way is
I trail ride 7 days a week year around, I have     pushing it, but I do. I have enjoy many ACTHA
more than one horse so I can alternate riding      events that are close to me; Pipestem State Park and
and working. I like to keep riding fun for myself  Lake Stephens, are pretty rides and have very nice
and my horses, so I am changing up all the time    obstacles and are within an hour’s drive of my
which trails we take and how the obstacles are     home.
approached. I am careful to not burn them out
on any aspect of riding.

                                                                                                  Hoofbeats held an ACTHA ride

                                                                                                  at the VA horse Center which I

                                                                                                  consider one of the best

                                                                                                  organized of any rides I have

                                                                                                  been to yet. The prizes were

                                                                                                  outstanding as was the food.

                                                                                                  Bristol, TN is also one of my

                                                                                                  favorite rides due to the

                                                                                                  awesome scenery. I keep

                                                                                                  watching the 2015 ACTHA

                                                                                                  schedule for rides to appear in

Very Successful ACTHA AOC. JB and Laura (center) first with a perfect score in Open, Ramona       that area!
Davis and Smokey (right) perfect in pleasure and first, Apache's first ever ACTHA and got second  Penny and Joe Most's rides in
in pleasure with Jennifer Reed!

Having extra horses also makes it nice for guests  Ivanhoe, VA always keep me on my toes. They use a
and friends who do not have their own horses to    lot of imagination when it comes to obstacles that
be able to ride with me, both for fun and          really test the trust between horse and rider.

competition. Currently I have 3 registered Paso    Riding with ACTHA has changed the qualities I
Finos, 2 registered Rocky Mountain Horses, and a   look for in horses as well as allowing me to
Kentucky Mountain Horse. All of my horses have     compete in a trail riding environment and win
already been competing in ACTHA with myself or     awards for doing what I enjoy most; trail riding.
friends riding them.                               Although I do show in the ring as well, I much

                                                   prefer to be on the trail.

Don't be afraid
to give it a try, it
is casual, fun

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