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Laura and her Paso Fino gelding, Apache, traverse stair steps during a pleasure ride  ACHIEVEMENTS

Riding with ACTHA helps my horses be well rounded and                                 Laura has put bronze medals on 3
learn to think through situations rather than reacting. It                            different Rocky Mountain Horses.
also helps teach patience, for both the horse and rider.                              Johnny B Good (JB), is the
                                                                                      2013-2014 ACTHA West Virginia
ACTHA is competition, but it is also a chance to trail ride in                        State Champion in Open and also
different places, often on private property that other wise                           has received 100 points for his
we would not be allowed to ride on. It is also fun meeting                            gaited and silver medals, earning a
different people and their horses. I am always                                        Tucker saddle. Currently Johnny B
recommending ACTHA to people I meet. Don’t be afraid to                               Good has 117 points.
give it a try, it is causal, fun competition.
                                                                                      Johnny B Good and Ooh-La-La
                                                                                      both have won Gold and Silver
                                                                                      awards in the Rocky Mountain
                                                                                      Horse Rated trail programs. Ooh-
                                                                                      La-La has also won versatility
                                                                                      championships, in Western,
                                                                                      dressage, English, and obstacles
                                                                                      and she has won year end awards in
                                                                                      gaited pleasure and arena trail
                                                                                      obstacle at our local show circuit
                                                                                      the past three years.

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